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In 2023, DAS commenced its operations as a Hellenic and certified Maintenance Training Organisation (EL.147.0021). This esteemed institution delivers a diverse range of technical training courses, including Part 66 Module training (B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4, and B2) as well as Recurrency e-learning (HF, FTS, and EWIS) under its Part 147 license. The courses are meticulously conducted by exceptionally skilled instructors with over a decade of extensive global experience within the aviation industry.


Part 147 M.T.O.A. (Maintenance Training Organisation Approval) is the European standard for the approval of maintenance training organisations and it has two parts:

  • basic training and aircraft type rating training. The basic training covers requirements for the issue of a Part 66 aircraft maintenance license,
  • while aircraft type rating training permits to actually operate on the type aircraft.
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