Part-66 | Basic Training Course

Basic Training Course Part-66

The course is designed as per the EASA Part 66 basic training requirements.

The training covers the different PART 66 modules according to the chosen License.

  • Maintenance of airplanes with turbine engines (License B1.1)
  • Maintenance of airplanes with piston engines (License B1.2)
  • Maintenance of helicopters with turbine engines (License B1.3)
  • Maintenance of helicopters with piston engines (License B1.4)
  • Avionics (License B2)


The modules for licenses B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4 and B2 are as follows

The study materials for EASA Part 66 have undergone consistent enhancement via classroom instruction and are consistently approved and overseen by the HCAA on an annual basis, so you can be sure it is always up-to-date and fully covers all the material our students have which will be asked in their final exams!

The material can be supplied as electronic eBooks that are compatible with various devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Basic Training Course Duration

As per EASA (EU) 1321/2014, Annex IV and Appendix I, the required minimum duration for a comprehensive basic training course shall be as outlined below:


DURATION (in hours)











Here is the breakdown of our program

  • for obtaining a B1 license 50% theory and 50% practical training
  • for obtaining a B2 license 60% theory and 40% practical training

After completion of the course, participants will have the theoretical knowledge in accordance with the syllabus and knowledge level in conformity with EASA Part 66, Appendix 1.


Examination Standard

DAS Academy performs basic training courses for B1 and B2 license categories and sub-categories and EASA Part 66 exams for each module that makes up a complete Part-66 aircraft maintenance license category. The examination pass mark is 75%.

DAS conducts basic examinations on an electronic platform.
All MCQ questions and their answers appear in a randomized order for each examinee.

The result is shown to the examinee in real-time, right after submission along with his score and number of wrong-right answers.

In case of failure, a second attempt can be taken not before 1 month from the first one, provided you undertake retraining on the same module by DAS Organization. Without retraining being provided your second attempt may be performed not before 3 months (90days).


Course certificates will be awarded to those who successfully complete all examinations, practical assessments and fulfill attendance requirements. 

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